G4 V Pleat Filter

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Pleated Panel Air Filters are used in air handling units to offer a good level of pre filtration for supply air heating and ventilation systems, or as a main filter in extract systems. Our Pleated Panel Filters are manufactured using a water resistant cardboard with a sealed pleated systetic filter media offering a rigid cardboard ensuring that they have a good life. With a high surface area the Pleated Air Filter ensures a long life and a low resistance to airflow making this the energy efficient choice for air handling units and air movement systems.

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Weight1 kg

293 x 293 x 47mm (12x12x2), 293 x 293 x 97mm (12x12x4), 369 x 369 x 47mm (15x15x2), 369 x 369 x 97mm (15x15x4), 394 x 394 x 47mm (16x16x2), 394 x 394 x 97mm (16x16x4), 445 x 445 x 47mm (18x18x2), 446 x 445 x 97mm (18x18x4), 495 x 495 x 47mm (20x20x2), 496 x 242 x 47mm (20x10x2), 496 x 394 x 47mm (20x16x2), 496 x 394 x 97mm (20x16x4), 497 x 242 x 97mm (20x10x4), 594 x 293 x 47mm (24x12x2), 594 x 293 x 97mm (24x12x4), 594 x 494 x 97mm (24x20x4), 594 x 496 x 47mm (24x20x2), 594 x 594 x 22mm (24x24x1), 594 x 594 x 47mm (24x24x2), 594 x 594 x 97mm (24x24x4), 623 x 394 x 47mm (25x16x2), 623 x 394 x 97mm (25x16x4)